Nazi game sparks fury

Game based on playing Nazis

Israelis, Jews working to end marketing of Nazi concentration camp game, in which players are encouraged to kill as many Jews as possible
Itamar Eichner

A strategy game sold on an American website offers players to act as SS Nazis and kill as many Jews as possible taking part in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 1943, a governemtal forum against anti-Semitism has uncovered.
The board game is on sale for USD 16. The player in the game is a fighter in a Nazi unit made up of a few dozen SS soldiers, in possession of tanks, mortars, and machine guns. Every round in the game symbolizes two or three days of fighting. The player receives a map of the ghetto and must "purify" it.
"Good god: The Jews have weapons," the game's instructions for players read, also quoting the words of the uprising's commander Mordechai Anielewicz.
"Suddenly a shout was heard after SS soldiers were shot as they were entering the Warsaw Ghetto," a description says in the game's instructions.
Jewish and Israeli sources are planning on submitting a complaint to the American authorities against the game's distributors.
The governmental forum against anti-Semitism stressed that the game is anti-Semitic, and that it's distribution is banned by US law.