Israel Wipes Out Coastal Lebanese Radar Positions

Israeli air force planes continue striking Lebanese targets, completely wiping out radar positions on the Lebanese coast on Saturday evening.

The radar positions that were bombed included those belonging to the Lebanese army and the Hizbullah. According to IDF sources, it appears all of the radar positions targeted by the air force were successfully destroyed. The IDF Spokesperson's Office reported that some of the demolished radars were used in the fatal Hizbullah C-802 missile strike on an Israeli naval gunship Friday night. One sailor was killed and three are reported as missing as a result of the unprecedented attack. In addition, air force jets struck several tall buildings in the Dehiyah neighborhood in Beirut, stronghold of the Hizbullah and the location of its headquarters, which was also targeted and destroyed. According to a senior IDF officer, a previous strike in Beirut led to the collapse of an 11-story building, the rubble of which blocked the exit of a bunker where Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah was hiding. Israeli planes also bombed Nasrallah's private Beirut residence. The Al-Jazeera satellite television station reported that IDF forces launched three missiles at the Tripoli seaport, on the northern stretch of the Lebanese coast. Also reported was a missile strike on the Beirut port, which handles 95 percent of the country's commercial trade. In another airstrike, IDF warplanes fired four missiles at a border crossing between Lebanon and Syria. A Syrian military installation is located at the crossing, although Israeli sources said that only targets on the Lebanese side of the border were targeted. Syrian officials confirmed that there were no Israeli attacks on Syrian soil. In a related report, WorldNetDaily.com journalist Aaron Klein said that military sources in the Golan Heights identified gunfire directed at Israel from Syrian territory on Friday. The IDF is attempting to ascertain the exact source of the shooting, according to Klein.